Your Own Online Backup
Service in Just 5 Minutes!


Sell Online Backup on your own website for long term residual income.
Start Your Online Backup Service in Just Five Minutes       for only $49!
This is a complete, proven, turnkey
       service that you can run from
      home or anywhere, earning
        reliable residual income.

We build, customize, host and maintain your website in less than 5 minutes. It can cost thousands to design and host a website. You'll get a fully customized website similar to this one. Your customized & branded website can be LIVE on the Web in just five minutes, automatically SELLING for you. (We also give you HTML code that you can use to seamlessly integrate online backup sales into your existing web site.)

We provide you with your product to sell. You will sell Online Backup services using the Mercury Online Backup Platform for Windows and Mac - the most robust online backup software on the planet. Your customers' files are stored in Tier-4 Data Centers with state of the art equipment. Here are Frequently Asked Questions about the software ...and here is more technical info.

Something Not Available Anywhere Else! You can optionally offer the Remote Security Suite, which can remotely wipe sensitive data, help find stolen laptop computers, and identify the thief by recording movies and sound.

Complimentary Online Backup Account You should use what you sell, right? So, we include a complimentary 10GB Online Backup account with all packages.

Unlimited FREE Trial Accounts Distribute FREE 14-day 2-GB trial accounts to your customers. At the end of their trial periods, our software will automatically encourage them to buy a live 10GB account from you.

Keep Customers Longer Do you have an existing business? Keep your customers longer and keep them happier by adding Online Backup to your existing services. Online Backup is proven to increase customer retention.

We handle billing, tech support, and customer support. All you have to do is sell! We handle everything else. Your customers will be happy with our support, and so will you! (If you want to handle your own Customer Support, we have a plan for that!)

We collect your signup fees and residual sales. You don't need a Merchant Account or an online store. We handle all credit card charges for you, and we collect your residuals. (If you want to handle your own billing, we can arrange that, too!)

We pay you twice a month for signups, residuals, and affiliate commissions. We pay through PayPal twice a month, and not just for signups - The real money is in Residuals and Affiliate Commissions! You'll get paid as long as your customers use your service, and for your affiliate's customers, too! After the end of the calendar year we provide you with a 1099, if you pay U.S. taxes as an individual.

Your account comes with an online management console. Review your signups, affiliates, commissions, and web site statistics up to the second. Live real-time data lets you manage your business, marketing, and sales like a pro. You will be able to see instant results for your sales and marketing efforts. View the Administrator's Console Guide here...

The fine print... Remote Backup Systems is a long term accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating. This is a REAL business that has been around for more than 22 years - not one of those "get rich quick" schemes. Just like any business, if you don't work it, it will not make money. There is a chance you will fail and your signup fee will be wasted. There is an affiliate component to this business. However, if you don't actually sell Online Backup Services, you will not be successful.

Now, let's get busy!

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